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Right before singing for our first annual fundraiser.  Wine, Women & Song
Director Judy, an Arizona transplant to WI, particularly enjoyed Wendy Galbraith's handmade quilt, mittens and hat!
Maureen Noteboom shared her newly learned harp skills and taught us about the harp and the end of life music therapy.
Emily Toth shared adorable pictures of herself during WPM "Show and Tell".
Smiles and friendship, Kathy Zabel,          Millie Messerschmidt, and         Dr. Judy Durocher-Sidlowski. 
A little down-time for visiting during voice matching.
Lori Hart and Charlotte Hoecker celebrating Halloween 2018!
Almost ready to begin our dress rehearsal.  Ah, the harp, so beautiful!
                   Left, Director Judy and Emily at dress rehearsal.                   Right, getting situated.  2018 Christmas is for Children concert.
Jeannie showing us her other talents
Jennie and Dixie doing a little bonding
These two look guilty of something!
Linn and Cindi relaxing pre-concert.
Allie a mentee and Wendy getting their music in order before concert time.
Patti and Jan showing off their sunflowers before the concert.
Pat's smile is as beautiful as her flower.
Tatiana and Judy getting a selfie together pre-concert.
Visiting before our audience arrives for Wine, Women & Song
Judy chatting with guests after Wine, Women & Song.
Celebrating Charlotte's 90th birthday at Johanna May's Fine Teas on May 1, 2019. Front row, left to right:  Kathy Mezei, Charlotte Hoecker, Charlotte's brother-in-law, sister-in-law, Lynn Drektrah, Mary Dassler.  Back row, left to right: Cyndi Reuter, Judy Durocher-Sidlowski, Kathy Zabel, Pat Tyberg, Dixie Hettinga, Trudy Schmalz, Liz Corbett, Catherine Henry.
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